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Best Natural Ways to Enhance Eyelash Growth

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Best Natural Ways to Enhance Eyelash Growth
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Do you want to enhance your current eyelash growth?

Just like many individuals these days, you are probably noticing the dreaded fact that your eyelashes are already thinning a bit. However, there is no need for you to worry because you can do several things that can help in improving the length, density and thickness of your eyelashes the natural way, without any need for pencils and cover-up solutions.

Cycle of Eyelash Growth

Before you know the natural ways of boosting eyelash growth, it will be better if you are aware first of the natural cycle of eyelash growth. To start with, human hair can grow in various stages, each stage lasts for different time frame.
The different stages include catagen, telogen and anagen stages.

During catagen stage, hair starts entering the time without any growth within 2 weeks to one month. Meanwhile, during telogen stage, dead hair coming from catagen stage starts falling away. Following telogen stage is none other than anagen stage wherein hair follicles starts growing again.

Some of the reasons why eyelashes thin are due to the increase in age and also when several conditions were introduced. Such things can adjust the timeframe of some stages, probably augmentation of the non-growth stage of hair which can lead to more shedding and lesser eyelash growth.

Ways to Boost Eyelash Growth

Knowing all these, one of the first things that you should consider if you want to improve eyelash growth is the kind of diet that you have. Do you know that your hair follicles are one of the body parts that are primarily affected by malnutrition? To avoid this from happening, make sure that your diet is fully packed with correct amounts of calories, vitamins, minerals and protein essential for re-growth and growth of hair.

Biotin, B-vitamins and vitamin E which are taken orally were proven to give substantial benefits for growing hair.
There are also topical potential treatments which can be applied to achieve denser and thicker eyelashes.

The oil form of vitamin E, for instance, is very beneficial and also the moisturizers like coconut butter and olive oil.

If you are really after eyelash growth, make sure that you adhere to these easy to follow steps. These natural ways have been proven to give best results. Make sure that you remember all of them and in due time, you will certainly love the great effects that these can give you.

Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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