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  • How to Safely Remove Eye Mucus

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    Have you ever experienced waking up with mucus in your eye, and with such clouded vision? The first remedy here is to apply a little warm water, which should do the trick. But you may need to do more to keep your eyes healthy and protected from eye mucus and symptoms of other conditions. Here is a mini guide to safely removing and addressing eye mucus. The yellow crust of eye mucus is typically caused by your eye reacting or fighting back at bacteria or irritating elements that have found their way into eye. Bacteria

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  • Vitamin B6: The Role of This Nutrient in Hair Growth

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    Your eyelashes need regular nourishment, just like other hairs that grow on your body. Vitamin B6 is one hair-nourishing nutrient. It is part of the seven B vitamins, and it is instrumental in production of energy, protein and fat metabolism, and proper nervous system functioning. Like your skin, eyes, and liver – to name a few organs in the body – your lashes need vitamin B6. Your hair specifically is made up of protein-filled cells, and the nutrient may assist in growing it and preventing loss. Here’s how the nutrient works. Vitamin B6 helps convert

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  • How Helpful Are Teabags for Sagging Eyelids?

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    Sagging eyelids can be solved using a number of different interventions, including natural home therapies. Why do you think cucumber slices over eyes have garnered such attention through so many years? There are also eyelid exercises that you can do regularly. Another sound option is dampened teabags, which are placed over eyes to get the same therapeutic effects. Note, however, that this can address only the symptoms, not the underlying cause, of sagging lids. Word has it that teabags are not as ineffective for sagging eyelid potential treatment as they are painted to be. First,

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  • How to Remove Pesky Facial Hair

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    Both you and I love long, lush eyelashes, which is why we review lots of lash growth products and solutions. On the contrary, long facial isn’t something you would want and adore if you are a woman—of course you’d want to get rid of it quickly and on your own! There are a number of techniques you can use to remove facial hair, and they include waxing, tweezing, and threading. They are all relatively inexpensive and can be completed quickly, although not one of them can get rid of hair permanently. There can be a

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  • Scalp Exercises Against Hair Loss

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    Did you know that scalp exercise can help reduce hair loss through improving hair health and encouraging the growth of your locks? These do not require expensive tools or equipment, and can be done on your own. They range from simple stimulation of scalp to targeting individual sections – all for healthy strands that are gorgeous to behold. Read more of these exercises below. Side Scalp Maneuver Sit upright in a firm chair, and place your hands on the sides of your head. Each palm should be above the same side ear. Straighten your fingers,

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  • Will a Fish Oil + Olive Oil Combo Fight Hair Loss?

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    Genetics, use of certain medications, thyroid issues, nutrient deficiencies, and poor circulation, among many things, all contribute to hair loss. It is therefore very important that you increase your level of health and nutrition to reduce the rate at which hair loss happens. One avenue being explored by research is using fish and olive oils and adding it your regular diet, as both are rich in vitamins and boast of anti-inflammatory effects for promoting hair growth. What Is Fish Oil Good For? Fish oil provides rich amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Varieties such as salmon,

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  • How to Tame Tight, Curly Hair

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    Let’s talk about general hair care. Tight, curly hair is a unique gift, but we bet there are times it doesn’t feel like one. It may look stylish but not all the time, as it can get unruly and overwhelming. It requires so much maintenance and care, which can be complicated for many women who are naturally gifted with curly locks. Know, however, that this is not too difficult to do – you can control tight, curly hair with the right nourishing and styling rituals and tools. Deep-condition your hair. Naturally curly hair tends to

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  • How Do Eyelash Growth Products Work?

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    If you are among women today who seek out the best and most effective ways to curl, lengthen, or enhance their eyelashes, then cosmetics or makeup products are probably your lifesaver. They do a good enough job to emphasize your lashes, which in turn highlights your eyes. But do you know enough about eyelash growth products and what they do for your lash enhancement goals? There are a handful of options for achieving full, long, and thick eyelashes over time, and these including cosmetic to dietary choices. You can go from tediously applying eyelash extensions

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  • Lash Growth? Here’s a List of Diet + Supplement Tips

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    While eyelash growth can naturally happen, it takes a while – and your lashes need a little more encouragement as they grow. Their growth rate pattern is like that of the hair on your head, and if they fall out or get damaged, this process is disrupted and it can take a while for them to regrow. Damage can be caused by applying mascara and other cosmetics, dyeing, and plucking. Here are a couple of methods involving your diet and smart supplementation to help you facilitate eyelash growth naturally. Consume an eyelash friendly diet, which

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  • Lash and Brow Care 101: Tips for Success

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    Like you, we also cover long, full eyelashes and thick, well-groomed eyebrows that will command awe and attention – the good way. But it’s not enough that we’re beautifying them whenever we’re going out or needed a good makeup. You should also make sure that you properly and regularly care for and maintain your eyelashes and eyebrows, as this will directly affect their health and how they function. For one, your lashes protect your eyes against dirt and foreign matter, while your eyebrows frame your face and affect your facial appearance. Here’s basic eyelash care

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