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Fake Eyelashes

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Fake Eyelashes
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Are you considering using fake eyelashes to improve the appearance of your lashes? You may be confused about the options available for genuine or fake eyelashes. If you are looking for temporary, semi-permanent or permanent fake eyelashes, it is important to find the best quality products for your needs. At, you can find reviews of a wide range of products for your eyelashes.

The Resurgence of Fake Eyelashes

Over the past few years, fake eyelashes have gained popularity among women of all ages. These eyelash extensions provide a fast and convenient way to enhance your eyelashes. Determining whether this is the best solution for you depends on several factors, such as age, the state of your health, and any allergies or skin conditions. You can find information to help you make the right choice at

What are Permanent Fake Eyelashes?

Permanent fake eyelashes provide a more lasting solution than temporary fake eyelashes. Permanent eyelashes are a form of hair transplant in which hairs are harvested from another area, such as the back of the neck, and transplanted to the lash area. This is a permanent surgical solution that requires an experienced surgeon to place the lashes.

Fake Eyelashes for Fast Results

Fake eyelashes can be applied in a salon by a trained cosmetologist or esthetician. It takes a few hours to apply the lashes and you will need to have a touch up every three to four weeks to replace lashes that grow out and are naturally shed. With regular touch ups and care, you will be able to maintain these fake lashes for about a year.

Semi Permanent vs. Permanent Fake Eyelashes

Whether you should choose permanent lash extensions or a semi permanent solution depends on several factors, such as the cost, time involved and your level of commitment to using fake lashes. It is important to get the recommendation of a specialist and research the products available for fake eyelashes to make the best decision for you.

Dos and Don’ts of Fake Eyelashes

Once your fake eyelashes have been applied, there are things you need to do to maintain the look. Once you take a bath, you may find that the extensions need to be reshaped for a more natural look. Additionally, you should condition the lashes on a regular basis to keep them flexible, strong, and looking great. Avoid water in the first 48 hours and avoid rubbing your lashes to prevent eyelash loss.

Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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