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How Do Eyelash Growth Products Work?
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How Do Eyelash Growth Products Work

If you are among women today who seek out the best and most effective ways to curl, lengthen, or enhance their eyelashes, then cosmetics or makeup products are probably your lifesaver. They do a good enough job to emphasize your lashes, which in turn highlights your eyes. But do you know enough about eyelash growth products and what they do for your lash enhancement goals?

There are a handful of options for achieving full, long, and thick eyelashes over time, and these including cosmetic to dietary choices. You can go from tediously applying eyelash extensions or falsies, to undergoing the latest eyelash technology called lash implants. Cosmetics like mascara and extensions can, for instance, address both fullness and length of lashes. There’s also eyelash growth serums or conditions, a combination of vitamins/minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts for maximum volume and length.

But then there’s also nourishing your body hairs with the nutrients they need through the food you eat. The right diet and nutrition can make your lash hairs healthier and more active – as well as more attractive! They can support lash enhancement over time.

Let’s focus on eyelash growth products: are they backed by verified science? There is plenty of curiosity and questions surrounding these products, particularly with their promise of healthy, thick-looking lashes without the need for prescription. They are mostly over-the-counter and supplement in nature, and are shipped discreetly to your address when you order online.

Many of these products claim that they are backed by clinical data and findings. Their independently conducted trials point to a certain success rate, and the products themselves come in an expansive range of ingredients, strengths and effectiveness, price points, and overall buying experience and offerings.

When shopping for an eyelash growth product, here are some questions to guide you:

  • Which brand provides the safest and most natural ingredients?
  • Which one fits your budget?
  • Which one promises the best results with optimal number of applications and length of use?
  • Is the manufacturer committed to quality standards?
  • Does it enjoy positive customer reviews and testimonials?

Remember that these are only some considerations to have before buying an eyelash growth serum or conditioner. So do your due diligence in researching and finding out what will give you your money’s worth, and will first and foremost ensure your lash health and wellness.

Keep posted for more news and reviews on lash enhancement!

Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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