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How Helpful Are Teabags for Sagging Eyelids?
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How Helpful Are Teabags for Sagging Eyelids

Sagging eyelids can be solved using a number of different interventions, including natural home therapies. Why do you think cucumber slices over eyes have garnered such attention through so many years? There are also eyelid exercises that you can do regularly. Another sound option is dampened teabags, which are placed over eyes to get the same therapeutic effects. Note, however, that this can address only the symptoms, not the underlying cause, of sagging lids.

Word has it that teabags are not as ineffective for sagging eyelid potential treatment as they are painted to be. First, note the difference between baggy and puffy eyes – the former develops when eyelid muscles weaken and allow sagging, and the sagging skin may appear baggy due to fat accumulation. Like sagging eyelids, there is no remedy for baggy, sagging skin around eyes except for cosmetic surgery.

For the latter (puffy eyes), teabags may actually work. Eye puffiness is rather temporary and not caused by long-term muscle or nerve damage. Tea has tannins or astringents that reduce puffiness, as well as pull your skin taut. It is recommended to wrap steeped, cooled teabags in tissue and place them over your eyes for up to around five minutes.

If you are interested to know the cause of sagging eyelids, here’s some info. Medically known as ptosis or blepharoptosis, this condition usually manifests when the muscles or nerves attached to the eyelid malfunction and allow eyelid skin to droop. Aging can be a culprit here, along with specific muscle or nerve damage. In extreme cases, blocked or blurred vision may be the result.

It is best to ask your doctor about the potential reasons behind your sagging eyelids (of course, other than aging). While rare, nerve damage may also result from a tumor, nerve infection, or an abnormally wide artery. Antibiotic therapy can may help with an infection, but only surgery can assist in a case of tumor or enlarged artery.

A sagging eyelid can be solved using a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty, where the surgeon cuts away the excess skin that hangs down over your eye. Reshaping of the eyelid should correct any vision problem resulting from sagging skin, and potentially create a healthier and younger-looking appearance.

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Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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