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How to Remove Pesky Facial Hair
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How to Remove Pesky Facial Hair

Both you and I love long, lush eyelashes, which is why we review lots of lash growth products and solutions. On the contrary, long facial isn’t something you would want and adore if you are a woman—of course you’d want to get rid of it quickly and on your own! There are a number of techniques you can use to remove facial hair, and they include waxing, tweezing, and threading. They are all relatively inexpensive and can be completed quickly, although not one of them can get rid of hair permanently. There can be a number of setbacks, too.

Hair Removal Methods

Waxing and sugaring are two hair removal techniques that have been used for thousands of years. Waxing involves applying a thin layer of warm wax to skin, capturing the hair follicles. A clean strip of cloth is applied firmly to the area and then removed swiftly.

Sugaring is done in a similar fashion, but a tacky sugar gel is spread onto skin instead of using the usual wax. The gel is removed with the use of a cloth strip, or simply peeled off using your fingers. Sugaring is deemed less painful than waxing, and even less irritating to skin due to the fact that sugar gel does not stick to skin. There are professional waxing and sugaring services at salons, but you may also purchase at-home or DIY kits.

On the other hand, tweezing uses tweezers for plucking out facial hair one follicle at a time. It is usually done to shape and clean up a small skin area such as the brow line. If you are a tweezing beginner, it’s recommended to get professional services until you can masterfully shape your brows on your own.

In threading, a piece of cotton yarn is wrapped around groups of hair follicles and removes them at the same time. It is typically done for removal of hair around brows. Threading is done at day spas and beauty salons.

Facial Hair Removal Methods

The techniques for hair removal do not involve the use of chemicals, lasers, and probes that are employed in electrolysis. They are not completely pain-free; you can get discomfort from forcing facial hair by the root. Other effects include redness and inflammation. Be very careful as well to not burn sensitive skin on your face when the wax is overly hot.

These techniques remove facial hair entirely and have results that last up to eight weeks. The staggered hair regrowth, too, can make it easier to clean up errant follicles. For semi-permanent hair removal results, choose laser and needle electrolysis if you feel like exploring them and their long-term benefits.

Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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