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Lash and Brow Care 101: Tips for Success
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Lash and Brow Care 101 - Tips for Success

Like you, we also cover long, full eyelashes and thick, well-groomed eyebrows that will command awe and attention – the good way. But it’s not enough that we’re beautifying them whenever we’re going out or needed a good makeup. You should also make sure that you properly and regularly care for and maintain your eyelashes and eyebrows, as this will directly affect their health and how they function. For one, your lashes protect your eyes against dirt and foreign matter, while your eyebrows frame your face and affect your facial appearance.

Here’s basic eyelash care: never go to bed with your makeup on, especially in the eye area. Your lashes are sensitive and tend to break more easily once hardened by mascara, cosmetics and other makeup products as you sleep. Apply makeup gently, too, and keep in mind that your lashes tend to fall or break. Another no-no is rubbing your eyes, which can hurt your lash roots badly.

Here are other eyelash care tips:

  • You may brush your lashes regularly using a special eyelash comb, particularly if you find very sparse growth. Doing so will help stimulate their growth.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, which can weaken, dry out, or increase the porosity of your lashes. Use solar glasses if you have them.
  • Use eyelash curlers sparingly, or only once a day. Curling can weaken the roots of your lashes, so promote conditioning and lengthening in another way, such as using a high-quality eyelash growth product.

On the other hand, eyebrow care entails the same gentleness in applying cosmetic products and when removing them at night before you sleep. Go for natural brows, slightly de-haired to define their shape and to let them highlight the features of your face. Research or ask your local beauty expert for the right brow shape for your face, because this can directly affect your facial angle. Add a slight curve to your brows to avoid straightness, which can make you look expressionless!

Avoid excess plucking, as this can adversely the skin when you do it regularly. Use a mild hair removal product or method to avoid irritating that part of your eyes.

In general, here are three eyelash and eyebrow care and grooming tips to follow:

  1. Study the quality and safety of the lash and brow cosmetics you use. Use only those that come from a reputable brand or manufacturer, including when purchasing an eyelash growth serum or conditioner.
  2. Choose natural herbal components and key nutrients for hair production and maintenance.
  3. Explore using tatural remedies include olive oil, Vaseline, or emu oil, at night before you sleep, to help nourish your lashes and brows as you rest overnight.

Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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