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Latisse vs. Revitalash Eyelash Growth

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Latisse vs. Revitalash Eyelash Growth
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LatisseYou have probably come across the Latisse advertisements where you can see Brooke Shields and Claire Danes testifying to the effectiveness of the said product, complete with pictures of the product before and after their use. It is no longer surprising how famous the brand has become, considering that it is trusted by most doctors due to it being approved by the FDA itself. However, as far as eyelash enhancing products are concerned, there is another brand that is increasing in popularity and it is none other than Revitalash. If you are not sure as to what is more effective, whether it its Latisse or Revitalash eyelash growth, here is a fair comparison of the two products in question.

The Cost

It is a must that you know how much exactly you will be spending if you are determined to have thicker, longer, and more beautiful eyelashes. If you will check out in either Amazon or eBay, you will learn that Revitalash is around $80-$140, depending on its seller while Latisse costs around $130, and it cannot be bought on either of the two online sites mentioned since a prescription is needed for using the product.

The Formulation

This is the tricky part in the battle between Latisse and Revitalash since no one can really be considered as an expert when it comes to the type of formulation that will really work. But to keep things short, Revitalash, an Athena Cosmetics, Inc.’s product, was specially made by Doctor Michael Brinkenhoff for his own wife who was then recovering from her potential treatment from metastatics breast cancer. So far, there is a very limited number of write-ups regarding the exact formulation yet one of the primary ingredients is referred to as latanoprost, which, according to one blogger, is a “lash plumbing drug.” It is said to be something that can aid in eyelash growth. There are more other elements such as sodium chloride, water, panthenol, citric acid, and more. However, you might need to check out the website for the Revitalash eyelash growth product in order to get all specifics.

Revitalash Eyelash ConditionerOn the other hand, Latisse, is a special prescription drug meant for treating hypotrichosis, which is the abnormality of having little lashes. Latisse’s manufacturer is also the very company that created Botox, which is none other than Allergan. Bimatorprost serves as the products primary ingredient which is an analog of prostaglandin which can help in controlling the progression of glaucoma and with the correct amount will also help in lengthening eyelashes. Just to reiterate, this product has got the approval of FDA.

Effectiveness and the Side Effects

Another tricky aspect in the competition, determining which is the most effective of these two can be a bit hard. Allegedly, Revitalash works in just 3-10 weeks and Latisse is said to take effect in a matter of 4-16 weeks. These two need to be applied only once every day regularly on your upper eyelid and not on directly your lashes. The two are not advised to be used by pregnant women and people who are undergoing potential treatments for their eye ailments unless their doctor has approved it. Both these two also have their own side effects, such as redness, irritation, and for the case of Latisse, even iris discoloration.

The Verdict

As far as price is concerned, the two products are not that far away from each other. However, as far as Latisse vs. Revitalash eyelash growth is concerned, one can say that Revitalash won in this affect because of the shorter waiting time, although Latisse exceeds the other when it comes to the approval of FDA. So, which one is better? Well, the decision is actually yours to make.

Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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