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Natural Oils That Can Help in Natural Eyelash Growth

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Natural Oils That Can Help in Natural Eyelash Growth
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There are different products that can be used to have a natural eyelash growth and these include the various serums, vitamins and maintaining nutritious and healthy diet. But despite all of these, the use of natural oils remains to be among the highly successful ways to achieve growth of your lashes. At present, there are a lot of natural oils being recommended for growing the lashes, some of which can render amazing results although some might not give you exactly what you want. Would like you like to know the oils that will be able to make your lashes longer? Then, make sure that you continue reading on.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is something that can offer numerous benefits when it comes to having longer lashes, especially since it is full of nutrients coming from olive fruit, filled with the monounsaturated fatty acids as well as boasts of high antioxidant substances content that can condition the lashes for them to stay in their best state. The best thing about this oil is that you can find it readily accessible in most shops and supermarkets in your area, not to mention that it also comes in a very cheap price. The specific kind of olive oil that you will get is not important since all of them can render you remarkable benefits.

Castor Oil

This oil can give you different benefits, helping you achieve the growth that you want for your lashes. At the same time, it will also make your lashes longer, thicker and much healthier, giving them the protection that they need from turning brittle and easily snapping off. Castor oil has high concentration of the unsaturated fats which are acclaimed for the benefits they offer. This can be acquired in either in the dark black unrefined form and clear and thick liquid of refined form. If you want to achieve eyelash growth with the use of castor oil, make sure that you apply this on your lashes with tiny amounts the size of a dime since this product’s nature of being thick liquid might turn your lashes into something greasy that might be a bit longer to get removed.

These two oils can both create a unique pulling effect on the lashes as these are absorbed by the follicles to stimulate their growth. Make sure you apply them each night and wash them off the next morning.

Additional Tips

Through adding some lemon peel to the castor or olive oil, the nutrients from the lemon will infuse into these oils to give the lashes extra growth food for strength for them to grow faster and much longer. Infusing the lemon peel to the oils is pretty simple and easy. You only have to peel the lemon skin’s reel and then let this dry on your counter’s side. Put this peel in the oil within a week or until some lemon scent can be noticed and put this on your lashes.

These are the natural oils that can help you achieve an eyelash growth in the safest and most effective way.

Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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