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Olive Oil as a Hair Growth Remedy

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Olive Oil as a Hair Growth Remedy
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If you want thick, lustrous, longer hair, you don’t need to use chemical-laden products right away. The solution may be found right in your kitchen pantry: olive oil. This home remedy has been touted beneficial for hair growth, especially those are facing hair loss issues that come will aging, disease, and use of medications. Olive oil is a trusted home remedy – but just how useful it is for thick growth of hair not only on your head, but also your eyelashes?

Hair Growth and Hair Loss

First, you have to understand stimulation of hair growth. The formation of hair follicles starts long before you are born; no new follicles are formed after birth. Hair growth occurs in cycles, with rest periods between growth spurts. Hair growth occurs in the base of the bulb of your hair follicle, and sebum buildup can slow hair cell formation.

You shed 50 to 100 hairs every day. Additionally, a poor, unhealthy diet can cause a vitamin deficiency that can cause hair thinning.

There are different causes of hair loss. These include alopecia – which can be related to different types of skin diseases, infections, use of medications, or simply pulling your hair out – and disorders of hair shaft. The latter are typically caused by overprocessing your hair. However, they are sometimes related to specific diseases.

Where Olive Oil Comes In

Both men and women have used olive oil to fight hair loss and for natural hair strengthening. Here’s one home remedy for hair loss: drink one tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil every day. You may also follow this night regimen: apply olive oil to your scalp and cover your head. Shampoo the oil the next morning. You may also do the same for the lashes, dabbing some oil onto your eyelids, leaving it overnight, and washing it out in the morning.

Olive oil can be added in foods as well, consuming it straight up in tiny amounts, or applying it as a topical solution. You may also mix this oil with other essential oils; for instance, massage in a mixture of a few drops of peppermint, rosemary, and sage with a tablespoon of olive oil once or twice every day.

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Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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