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Best Eyelash Enhancer
Week of: Saturday July 26, 2014
Posted on: August 16th, 2013
Permanent Lashes
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Did you know that none of your eyelashes are permanent in reality? Permanent natural lashes shed on an average of 150 days. However, for some women it may take longer to grow while for some it sheds quickly. These are situations where women find their permanent eyelashes to lose volume. But that is not a problem without a solution.

In today’s World there is a solution for almost every problem in the World and getting longer permanent eyelashes is no exception. At we provide such solutions through our blogs, reviews and information on the upkeep of your eyelashes. Hence, we provide solutions to getting you longer and thicker permanent eyelashes without having to use makeup.

Permanent Lash Extensions

One may have come across permanent lash extensions over the Internet or at the local skin and beauty clinic. But what is it really. These are basically extensions to your natural permanent lashes. These lashes are bound by professional experts to your natural eyelashes. They add thickness to each strand of eyelash as they are integrated individually. They are generally made of synthetic material or the more natural mink.

Permanent Lash Extensions Advantages

Besides the fact that these permanent lash extensions lasts a full life of each individual eyelash, there is a reason why they are so popular:

  • They grow and shed with your natural permanent eyelashes.
  • One does not have to remove and fix them up themselves daily. It requires a few touch ups in over 3 weeks.
  • It does not harm the follicles of the lashes that root every lash to the eyelids.
  • They are customized and available in shades matching to your skin tone.

It must be done professionally to get a great look for your eyes. At, we provide unbiased reviews and product comparisons of lash-related products as well as permanent lash extensions. You will always find a solution for yourself as we also make the leading products purchasable and reasonably lower rates and offers from time to time.

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