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Types of Eyelash Extensions

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Types of Eyelash Extensions
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At, we provide you with reviews of various types of eyelash extensions based on numbers and the materials they are made of. But it is important to know the types of eyelash extensions available in the market before you purchase one. The types of eyelash extensions would help you to determine what eyelashes suits you best depending for the look and function.

Types of Eyelash Extensions Based On Numbers

There are 3 main types based on numbers:

Individual Lash Extensions: This type of eyelash extensions is applied in one strand at a time by professionals and is done of the more expensive forms of eyelash extensions. Most celebrities in the red carpet have it done by their own hired professionals.

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Cluster Lash Extensions: These are groups of lash extensions that are bound in a v-shape structure and take lesser time to get applied than individual eyelash extensions. This requires professional application as well.

Strip Lash Extensions: These extensions last for one or two weeks and are easiest to apply. This is not a good option for someone who wants a more permanent solution but best for someone who wishes to attend an event or a family reunion with a short notice.

Types of Eyelash Extensions Based on Make

There are four most popular types of eyelash extensions based on their make:

Acrylic Eyelash Extensions: These extensions last for four weeks. They are quite stiff and give a surreal look on the applied. If you wish for a Lady Gaga look, you can go ahead, but make sure that it is done through professional hands. Poorly applied extensions can be quite overdramatic and fake-looking. No mascara required.

Silk Eyelash Extensions: This another synthetic form of eyelash extensions but smoother and less intrusive in Nature. It is not make from real silk but a synthetic form of silk and does not require application of mascara. They last up to six weeks.

Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions: They are literally made from the hair of the mink cat’s tail and last up to eight weeks. The most popular due to its natural look, mink eyelashes require mascara. There is an inferior variation of Chinese Mink eyelash extensions.

Human Hair Eyelash Extensions:  This is perhaps the lightest option and lasts up to 10 weeks. They can come very expensive as they are made of human hair and are by far the most natural looking.

At, we provide review on a range of eyelash extension products.

Week of: Wednesday March 11, 2015
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