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Vitamin B6: The Role of This Nutrient in Hair Growth
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Vitamin B6 - The Role of This Nutrient in Hair Growth

Your eyelashes need regular nourishment, just like other hairs that grow on your body. Vitamin B6 is one hair-nourishing nutrient. It is part of the seven B vitamins, and it is instrumental in production of energy, protein and fat metabolism, and proper nervous system functioning. Like your skin, eyes, and liver – to name a few organs in the body – your lashes need vitamin B6. Your hair specifically is made up of protein-filled cells, and the nutrient may assist in growing it and preventing loss.

Here’s how the nutrient works. Vitamin B6 helps convert tryptophan, a crucial protein, into niacin, another B vitamin that helps grow hair and maintain overall health. Niacin deficiency causes the cells of your hair follicles to become poorly nourished, leading to breakage or loss.

Whenever you are stressed out or anxious over something, you can get hair thinning or loss. Vitamin B6 works to boost your immunity and nervous system, therefore increasing your capacity to adapt to the stressors. This vitamin also helps create serotonin and norepinephrine, which are neurotransmitters associated with regulating mood. B6 deficiency is dangerous, in that it can lead to loss of memory, depressing, nervousness, concentration problems, and many more. This can increase the potential for stress-induced hair loss.

Vitamin B6 is recommended to be taken every day with 1.3 milligrams for adults. Dietary sources are red meat, salmon, tuna, soy, eggs and cheese, legumes, liver, and bananas, among others. B vitamin supplementation is also important, combining B6 and other B vitamins taken every day may satisfy hair growth and maintenance needs and requirements.

Given the continual assault of the elements and activities such as chemical hair coloring, your hair health may be at a disadvantage even if you have good vitamin B6 levels. The same can be said of your lashes, which can suffer from excess eyelash curling or use of lash extensions. Dryness and brittling of hair may manifest, and breakage or falling out may threaten your lashes.

Prevent these problems with proper lash care and maintenance, which can include the use of a high-quality eyelash growth product. Read our reviews of these products on this site!

Week of: Wednesday November 15, 2017
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